Arsenal Transfer Window Picking Up After Rumored Acceptance of Alexis Sanchez Bid

By Josh Sippie
Ian Walton - Getty Images
Ian Walton – Getty Images

Fans of Arsenal are always a bit skeptical when they’re told that Arsene Wenger has just made a big signing. He has penny-pinching abilities that are renowned far and wide.

That being said, with the news of Mathieu Debuchy declaring himself the newest Gunner fresh in our minds, it has now been all but confirmed that the Chilean star Alexis Sanchez is the next newest Gunner. The transfer fee is still not confirmed, but it is rumored to be between £22 and £40 million. Knowing Wenger, it’s more toward the £22 million side. All that matters is that is has been “accepted” by Barcelona.

Or at least that’s what the reports say.

I think I’ve already made my opinions on Sanchez’s fit at Arsenal pretty clear. He offers an alternative at striker that is completely different from Giroud. He has pace, creativity and speed, but without the size. Options are always good. Sanchez is traditionally a winger, and given Arsenal’s winger health issues, having another world class option never hurt anyone. Options are good, remember?

All that remains is to see this deal through is to wait for the official confirmation. I can’t wait to see Sanchez suiting up in Arsenal red, especially knowing that he told Liverpool “no,” despite being offered higher wages from the Anfield-dwellers. That shows me that Sanchez appreciates Arsenal and wants to take part in what they’re all about. That kind of passion can’t be taught.

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