USMNT: Yedlin Move to Liverpool Could Benefit National Side's Future

By Aydin Reyhan
DeAndre yedlin US Men's National Team Liverpool Premier League
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Right back DeAndre Yedlin, 20, is a USMNT and Seattle Sounders starter. He has shone for both club and country. And now that the world witnessed him in the World Cup, there is a Premier League club by the name of Liverpool that is pondering his signature.

Yedlin is fast, strong, skilled and has energy that seemingly does not know how to end. He locks down wingers all game long defensively while always making runs up the field to support the offense. he is not known to score goals often, but he does add the ability to cross the ball into the area for teammates to head home.

At his young age, it would be a smart move to stay in MLS as he is still developing and honing his skills. However, if a team like Liverpool comes calling, he, the club and the league should not think twice about it: let him go.

There are four parties that can benefit from his move to the Premier League: Yedlin himself, MLS as a whole, U.S. soccer and the Premier League.

Yedlin has a lot to offer, so if he joins the toughest league in the world, he can only grow into a mature player who will surely help the club reach newer heights. He has shown promise that is well beyond his years which makes him nothing short of an exciting talent. His ability to adapt to each style of offense that the opponent plays can be really useful as he is usually the fastest player on his team.

MLS is a league that is growing on a yearly basis. If he plays abroad, other leagues around the world will see what kind of talent our nation produces. The player himself put in a lot of work to gain the talent he has, and the league surely deserves some of the credit. As for the other young players, his move will motivate them to play at an even higher level to try and become stars themselves. Yedlin could be the example of what it takes to leave MLS so early in one’s career.

U.S. soccer keeps on getting better and better. Since he played in the World Cup already at the age of 20 that has potentially earned him a move to Liverpool, his confidence, skill and urge to improve will only grow. He will start in 2018 at the age of 24 if he can avoid injury. His presence on that team can only improve the defense as well as the offense which is something that has been missing for some time now. He is an attacking right back which makes him one of the most dangerous kinds. U.S. soccer needs him to move abroad.

The Premier League does not have too many Americans, so if Yedlin does join Liverpool, the fans and coaches alike can see that the U.S. can develop some amazing talent. All they need to do is sign him and teach him the European-English style of play so he can fit their system and bring something extra back home. The league will bring in one of the fastest and determined right backs in the entire world. They need to make this happen.

Liverpool is one of the most prestigious clubs in England and they proved that fact by finishing in second, just two points behind Manchester City. If they are able to guarantee his signature, the club will be gaining a gem ahead of everyone else. Their knack for finding talent is uncanny and we have seen that for years now. Yedlin loves his hometown of Seattle and will stay loyal to them in MLS. If he joins Liverpool, he will give his heart, soul and body to the club and city, thus making it his home away from home.

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