2014 World Cup: Brazil Enter Semifinals with Injuries and Suspensions To Overcome

By Collin Ruby
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On the eve of the 2014 World Cup semifinal game against Germany, Brazil will enter the game with a lopsided disadvantage. Brazil will be without Neymar due to a fractured vertebra and Thiago Silva because of an accumulation of yellow cards leading to his suspension. Brazil will be appealing Silva’s suspension to soften the blow of losing out on two stars. The loss of Neymar and Silva is disheartening for the country as Brazil looks to remain the favorite of the World Cup.

Previously, I had written an article regarding Neymar and the influence he has on an entire nation. Now that Neymar is out of the World Cup, Brazil will have to lean upon another. In the absence of Neymar, who will Luiz Felipe Scolari choose to replace the young wonder? My belief is in Willian, the Chelsea winger. Willian shows plenty of potential but has not been able to display any stroke of wonderment in the World Cup. Another possibility might be Bernard, the 5-foot-4 forward. However, neither Willian nor Bernard would not exactly step into Neymar’s position. Oscar will probably step into Neymar’s actual position leaving Willian or Bernard to play on the wing. But no one is Neymar which will make this decision extremely difficult for Scolari.

The second issue is the suspension of the captain and defender Silva. My money will be on Dante to take Silva’s position in his absence. The defender from Bayern Munich has the most potential and skill to take over for Silva. David Luiz and Dante will be a fair pairing that will not allow Brazil to falter defensively.

The match between Germany and Brazil will be a match for the ages and will be a highlight of this year’s World Cup. Arguably the best European and South American team will play in Belo Horizonte tomorrow in which Brazil and Germany will look to continue their championship run; however, only one team will emerge as the victor.

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