Eliminated World Cup Teams Should Have Let Their Players Have Sex

By RanterX
world cup kiss sex study
Getty Images

Before the 2014 World Cup got under way, you may have heard about some teams forbidding their players from having sex prior to competition. While the reasoning for this varied depending on the team, it was primarily because sex supposedly reduces the players’ testosterone levels and could theoretically hurt their effectiveness on the field. However, the teams that made the quarterfinals can attest to the opposite.

CBS Local reported a study that examined World Cup teams that did and didn’t forbid their players from having sex prior to competition and the results showed teams that did allow their players to frolic before taking the field advanced further in the tournament.

None of the teams in the quarterfinals forbade their players from having sex before World Cup games. Mexico and Chile were the only teams that banned sex for their players and made it to the Round of 16.

Of course, two of the last eight teams in the tournament (and one of the final four) did not disclose their policy on sex for players: Argentina and Colombia. So while the study may not be completely foolproof, it’s safe to say that sexy equals success on the soccer field. Say that three times fast.

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