2014 World Cup: Thrashing By Germany Is Biggest Embarrassment In Brazilian Soccer History

By Collin Ruby
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Looking to become another home nation to win the World Cup was Brazil; however, no one expected Germany to come out guns blazing in the semifinal game.

The Brazilians were at a disadvantage coming into the game without the aid of Neymar and Thiago Silva. Despite this, one would assume Brazil would have enough skilled players to step up. Bernard and Dante were not effective at all. The defense was abysmal and allowed four goals in a matter of six minutes. Within those six minutes, the world saw Miroslav Klose achieve a World Cup scoring record and Thomas Muller edge closer to the record as well.

This game was an embarrassment for the whole country. Each one of the Brazilian players shamefully walked off the field and will have to wait another four years at another chance of winning the World Cup. I have been on the side of a 7-1 loss before, and it’s awful. Although it’s by no means equivalent to a World Cup loss, it’s still a dreadful feeling at any competitive level.

The Germans began their onslaught early in the match, with Muller scoring in the 11th minute. As soon as the first goal landed in the back of the net, it was only a matter of minutes before even more goals were scored on Julio CesarThis match showed how powerful Germany are, as well as the young talent that will be the future of the club.

With this massive victory over Brazil, I do not see any reason why Germany should not be the favorite going into the championship. Whoever emerges out of the second match between Argentina and Netherlands will be a worthy adversary for Germany. Argentina are riding the high on Lionel Messi, and the Netherlands are playing at a whole different level.

The Dutch will look to make it to the finals for a consecutive World Cup, and Argentina will look to give Messi his first championship.

Collin Ruby is a soccer writer for RantSports.com, follow him on Twitter @Collin_Ruby.

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