World Cup 2014: Germany Reach Full Potential Against Brazil, Appear Unstoppable

By Josh Sippie
Laurence Griffiths - Getty Images
Laurence Griffiths – Getty Images

The Germans have finally arrived, and they let the whole world know. This is the Germany that we were expecting. The unstoppable, physical Germans that can manhandle opponents and score at will. Although no one would have bet that they were capable of dominating to this end.

The Germans had the entire Brazilian faithful in tears by the 25th minute after scoring three goals in three minutes en route to a 5-0 gap by half.

Brazil was 67 percent favorites to win. I’m not sure how much they factored in host-nation advantage, but it’s clearly too much. I thought Germany was going to win from the get-go, but no one could have predicted this absolute harassment.

There is no way that the absence of Neymar and Thiago Silva can have this much of an effect to the extent of completely derailing a team that still has the presence of David Luis, Hulk, Fred and a slew of other world class players. It’s not like Bernard and Dante, the Brazilian replacements, are complete slouches. They are world class players as well. And how much motivation did they have to draw from having Neymar’s jersey there for the national anthems?

Credit has to be given to the Germans for exposing them and asserting their dominance. They took that motivation and disposed of it immediately.

It takes a special team to beat Brazil, the most storied national team in history. Even without Neymar and Silva, they’re still a world class squad. It takes an even more special team to do it so dominantly in Brazil.

This was absolutely embarrassing for the host nation. It was the fastest that five goals have ever been scored in the World Cup. Thomas Mueller‘s uncontested shot off the corner opened the floodgates. From there, Germany had all the space they could have wanted. It looked like Brazil were playing together for the first time.

Sure, they’ve looked vulnerable this tournament. Chile almost beat them as well, but Brazil has never looked so grossly exposed.

While they did make a respectable showing to start the second half, Manuel Neuer reminded everyone that, along with his team being the best in the world, he too, is the best goalie in the world. He denied what could have been a threatening comeback from the Brazilians with save after save.

On a historic note, Miroslav Klose became the leading scorer in World Cup history with his 16th goal, and with that monkey off his back, he’ll be looking to add to his tally in what will likely be his last match.

Germany finally broke out in literally every facet of the game. They completely exposed the host nation. I would not want to be either Argentina or the Netherlands going into the finals.

Match commentator Ian Darke said it best, though. While the Germans were incredibly dominant and looked unbeatable, all of this means nothing if they don’t win it all.

But who’s going to stop them?

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