Alexis Sanchez Best Arsenal Signing in Past Five Years

By Josh Sippie
Stuart MacFarlane - Getty Images
Stuart MacFarlane – Getty Images

What a day for Arsenal fans all over the world. On the day they reveal their new Puma-partnership kits for the 2014-15 season, who is there to wear them?

Alexis Sanchez.

While this signing was a poorly kept secret, as all Arsenal fans know, no signing is complete until Arsene Wenger says it’s complete (see Gonzalo Higuain). So now that all of the speculation can finally be put to rest, the Arsenal faithful can breathe a sigh of relief and gaze at the wonder that is the Chilean world talent wearing the smashing new Puma kits.

All that’s missing is a trophy in his arms.

But all that will come in time.

No one can say a bad thing about this signing. Sanchez is a great fit at Arsenal and his impact will be immediate. A guy that scores 39 goals for a club like Barcelona can score goals anywhere. He’s been heralded by some of the best in the world as a peer.

The deal is of the four-year, 32-million-pound variety, which for a 25-year-old world-class player is remarkable. What makes it even sweeter is that he told Liverpool no because he preferred Arsenal. If that doesn’t get Arsenal fans all jazzed up, I don’t know what will.

Well, trophies will, obviously.

But again, in time, and probably in very little time.

Turns out Wenger wasn’t pulling our leg when he said big signings are coming. This is about as big as they come, and it’s only the first of many. This is easily the biggest, quickest impact signing, even surpassing Mesut Ozil, though only because I think Sanchez’s impact will be seen much quicker than Ozil’s, who is still finding his feet at the Emirates.

Sanchez will fit right in at Arsenal. His pace and creativity will be a welcome addition to a team on the verge of a dominant season.

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