2014 World Cup: Lionel Messi Ready to Fulfill His Destiny

By Michael Terrill
Lionel Messi
Getty Images

The 2014 World Cup will play its final match today. It is a match that will feature Argentina and Germany, two teams that absolutely deserve to be playing on the game’s grandest stage. Possibly even more important, the world’s greatest player, Lionel Messi, will come face-to-face with destiny as he attempts to cement his status as one of the most legendary footballers to ever live.

“Tomorrow, we will play the most important match of our lives for our country,” Messi wrote on his official Facebook page Saturday night.

“My dreams and my hopes are being fulfilled due to the hard work and sacrifice of a team that has given everything from match one.

“We knew it was possible. Our people, the Argentines, they have carried us here. But the dream is not over yet. Tomorrow we want to win, and we are ready!”

Messi has been compared to LeBron James in the sense that one can only be called the greatest once he wins the biggest game. For Messi, he has enjoyed success with FC Barcelona and he is an Olympic gold medalist. However, the World Cup is incomparable to those two things. It is the biggest tournament in the world, regardless of sport. There is no greater achievement than to hoist the World Cup Trophy. Messi knows it, Argentina knows it and the fans know it.

It certainly will not be easy, especially after watching how Germany dismantled and thoroughly embarrassed Brazil in the semifinals. With that being said, it is not fair to compare Argentina to Brazil in that sense as Argentina is the far superior team. Not to mention, it appears destiny is on the side of the white and blue. Everyone in the world wants to see Messi have success in the biggest game of his career.

Whether fans are cheering for Argentina to win or Germany to emerge victorious, one thing is for certain: the match has the potential to be an instant classic with Messi giving it his very best.

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