2014 World Cup: Manuel Neuer Rightfully Wins FIFA Golden Glove Award

By Jackee Arce
Manuel Neuer 2014 Golden Glove
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Two of the three goalkeepers on the FIFA Golden Glove Award shortlist were the starting goalkeepers for Germany and Argentina — the two teams that faced one another in the final. Goalkeepers were given a lot of spotlight this World Cup, because they were the ones often saving the matches for their teams. Newer or casual fans may not know who Manuel Neuer is, but those who have been fans of the sport for a while are well aware of his talent. Neuer is often said to be the best goalkeeper in the world, so it is no surprise that he was awarded the Golden Glove at the end of the tournament.

It was harder for Neuer to be spotlighted in the way that Tim Howard or Guillermo Ochoa were, because his team did not give him that chance. While Howard and Ochoa put on stellar performances in the Round of 16, Neuer did not have to put in as much effort as those two because Algeria weren’t taking the same amount of shots on goal since the German defense was there to stop it. This is great news for Neuer, who is always ready to guard the net but does not have to constantly be picking up the slack of his defense.

Neuer was able to keep a clean sheet in four of the six matches Germany played in Brazil. Yes, a lot of this is because his team works together and does not rely on him more than others for defense, but it’s also because when the balls are coming toward him, he is ready. He only allowed three goals in the entire World Cup, which is an amazing feat and makes him a clear winner for the Golden Glove. He continues to impress with his skills as a goalkeeper, and hopefully he will be universally recognized as a top keeper without having to put on a show as others do.

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