Mesut Ozil: The Unsung Hero Of Germany's 2014 World Cup Title

By Josh Sippie
Julian Finney - Getty Images
Julian Finney – Getty Images

Mesut Ozil isn’t going to flop to waste time. He isn’t going to score an exorbitant amount of goals and steal the spotlight. And when he does masterfully compose a play, he isn’t going to showboat to the entire audience just in case they forgot who did it.

He’s one of the most socially reserved players off the field, but when he steps onto the pitch, he is an artist in his play. Ozil put together some beautiful plays in the 2014 World Cup final against Argentina. He sees passes that no one else does, particularly defenders, seeing as how they always seem to find their mark. This is why Ozil is was the German Player of the Year last year.

But this is old news if you’ve been following Ozil’s world cup run. Throughout the tournament, he’s put up a 78.6 percent pass completion rate. While it was Bastian Schweinsteiger‘s tumbling, time-wasting antics and Mario Gotze‘s extra-time heroics that stole the show and garnered the spotlight, Ozil still gets very little talk from analysts and experts.

Just because Ozil isn’t rolling around on the ground, taking punches and scoring epic goals, doesn’t mean he isn’t one of the most important players on a team that relies so heavily on functioning as a cohesive unit. There’s a reason why Ozil is at the most central position of that unit, and there’s a reason why his teammates seek him out then they have the ball.

He’s an attacking central midfielder, and yet there were numerous times where he was booking it down the field to help out on defense. He was in on just about every play, and two of his passes in particular could have been put away for goals.

Ozil is one of the best in the world, but he’s not a showman. He speaks with his play, not his mouth. That being said, you’d be hard-pressed to find a German player going harder in celebrations.

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