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Soccer Champions League

James Rodriguez and Toni Kroos Make Real Madrid World’s Best Team

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Yesterday, Real Madrid got even better. They have the money and the popularity to bring in the most expensive and talented players in the world. James Rodriguez and Toni Kroos both joined Real Madrid for a combined $137 million, with Rodriguez making up more than three-fourths of that recorded transfer total.

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Both players benefited from their 2014 World Cup success. Rodriguez was given the Golden Ball while Kroos had a strong role in winning Germany the championship. How do I say both players are extremely good without sounding corny? I don’t think there is a better way to put it other than saying Kroos and Rodriguez are both extremely young and are just constant offensive threats. The addition of these two players will bolster an attack that already has Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo which is simply amazing.

With the Kroos signing, it might mean the transfer of Sami Khedira to the English Premier League. Khedira has been shopped around and has been linked to Arsenal as well as many of the top clubs in England. With Kroos coming in, one player will probably have to be deemed excess for the club and that might be Khedira.

The Rodriguez signing is pretty fascinating, because everyone knew about his skill when he played for FC Porto but sort of dwindled at AS Monaco. With the World Cup, Rodriguez displayed his true talents and allowed for every single top club to salivate over the young Colombian. With the addition, Real Madrid will likely play with three attackers at the front with Ronaldo and Rodriguez on the wings and Benzema as the center forward. That appears to be the most logical in this situation.

These two signings as well as the rest of the team that won Real Madrid the Champions League has easily surpassed FC Barcelona as the best team in the world. Despite the Luis Suarez signing for FC Barcelona, no one exactly knows how the attack will be arranged due to the presence of both Lionel Messi and Neymar. This will leave FC Barcelona at a disadvantage causing someone to give up their true position. With this, Real Madrid have soundly cemented their place as the world’s best team.

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