Manchester United: Louis Van Gaal’s Next Target is Mats Hummels

By Collin Ruby
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The big German central defender has been linked to Manchester United, but it seems as though a transfer fee cannot be reached between Borussia Dortmund and United. Reportedly, Mats Hummels is being valued at €20 million, which Borussia Dortmund manager Jurgen Klopp has stated is a ridiculously low amount and that Hummels will be with the German team come next season. However, just like many other athletes, everyone has a number, and if both parties are willing to reach that number, Hummels could wind up at Old Trafford.

To me, Hummels is worth way more than €20 million. Hummels is 24 years old, demonstrates explosive talents, can defend just about everyone besides Lionel Messi and can score on the offensive end. Louis Van Gaal and Hummels will need to move that transfer value up in hopes of signing the German defenseman.

Manchester United has recently parted ways with Patrice Evra and is looking to expand their defensive roster. With Van Gaal being interested in Hummels, this could mean a defense that is young and almost impenetrable. Hummels would be an immediate upgrade to the central defender position with Chris Smalling and Jonny Evans. In my personal opinion, I would love to see Hummels paired up with either Smalling or Evans due to their defensive talents.

Manchester United has been known to spend money and apparently money is of no issue to Ed Woodward. They will spend whatever is necessary to have a top-four team come next season. Hummels is already one of the best defenders in the game at 24 years old and plenty of clubs besides Manchester United have been linked to Hummels. This will cause Manchester United to possibly pay upward of €40-50 million.

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