Do Arsenal Need Another Summer Signing?

By Joel Orme


Getty Images

Arsenal have been linked to countless world-class players in this transfer window, with some reports claiming that the club have an unlimited transfer budget. But do Arsenal need another signing, or could they target a high league placing with their current squad?

Currently, the London club are being linked with Matija Nastasic (Manchester City), Iker Casillas, Sami Khedira, Karim Benzema (all Real Madrid), Mario Balotelli (AC Milan) and Georgios Spanoudakis (Barcelona). There are hundreds more rumours flittering about, but these are the ones that seem most prominent amongst European news publications. Of these ‘targets’, the only area Arsenal need to strengthen is goaltending.

If they manage to hold on to Lukas Podolski, then playing the German upfront with Olivier Giroud would provide a very good attack. Both players may not have been at their best last season, but they have the quality to improve and Arsenal fans have to believe that they are good enough to score more than a handful of goals this season.

The same can be said for Arsenal’s defense. If they can keep hold of Thomas Vermaelen, who Manchester United are reportedly interested in, then they have the ability to put up a strong defense this season.

However, they are in desperate need of a goalkeeper. If you look at their website, then you can see they only have one first-team keeper, Wojciech Szczesny. This is clearly an area they need to develop, and quickly. With no recognized goalkeeper to put on the bench, Arsenal could become seriously unstuck should Szczesny get injured or banned.

I doubt that Iker Casillas would fit the bill at Arsenal. With reported wages at £135,000 a week, he would be a very expensive backup player. He wouldn’t take over from Szczesny in the first team, that’s for sure.

Arsene Wenger would then be looking elsewhere for a backup. But with Wenger’s history in the transfer market, he would probably wait until a young player becomes available at a low price. He may even promote one of his youngsters to the first team. It will be interesting to see what he does in their annual pre-season tournament, the Emirates Cup, early next month.

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