AS Roma Dips into the American Pool Again, Complete Deal for DeAndre Yedlin

By Collin Ruby
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Finally, after all the speculation and rumors, AS Roma has made a move and completed the transfer for Seattle Sounders defenseman, DeAndre Yedlin.

Just like Michael Bradley before him, AS Roma decided to take a chance on another American, and Yedlin is the right man for the job. Stemming from Yedlin’s terrific outing in the 2014 World Cup, it was only a matter of time before a European team made a move on the young defenseman.

Let’s face it, Yedlin probably could have stayed in Seattle and played at the same level that he had going into the World Cup. Now with the move to AS Roma, Yedlin will develop and will get a chance to play against primetime players in Serie A and in the UEFA Champions League tournament. The reported deal for Yedlin was for $5 million and this is a steal for AS Roma. Yedlin will be loaned out to Seattle for the rest of the MLS season and then AS Roma managers will determine what to do with Yedlin in the next year and every following year.

AS Roma is getting a great player. Yedlin provides a quick counterattack option on the wing and can recover as quickly as the best players in the world. Recovery time is a defender’s most valuable attribute, and with Yedlin’s strength in that subject, AS Roma will be happy to know that the defensive position will be under control for years to follow.

The 21-year-old reminds me a lot of Philipp Lahm in his quickness and ability to recover on defense. Yedlin is even quicker with the ball and will surely impress in Rome. AS Roma will need to challenge for the title as Juventus is going through some staff and roster changes. With this signing, it will strengthen the defense and relieve some of the pressure off of the goalkeeper. This is huge for the young defender and Yedlin will surely make the most of the opportunity.

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