Chelsea FC: Jose Mourinho and Didier Drogba Reunite

By Collin Ruby


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It has been two years since Didier Drogba left Chelsea FC for Shanghai Shenhua, and now Drogba has been convinced to come back to Stamford Bridge. Let me break down some of Drogba’s statistics from 2003 onward. In 2003, while playing for Marseille, Drogba scored nineteen goals in thirty-five appearances. From 2004 to 2012, Drogba scored 157 goals in 341 club appearances for Chelsea and while at Shanghai Shenhua and Galatasaray, Drogba scored twenty-three goals in forty-eight appearances with the two teams. Drogba has scored a total of 180 goals in 389 appearances. Simply put, Drogba is a goal scorer and can still score at the age of thirty-six.

Drogba has signed a one-year deal at Chelsea after signing on as a free agent once his contract at Galatasaray ran out. This deal reunites Jose Mourinho and Drogba and it appears that Mourinho can bring the best out of Drogba. Mourinho has gone on record saying that last season, the center forward position lacked confidence and reliability. However, through the transfer window, Mourinho signed Diego Costa in hopes Costa would put Chelsea back on top of the table. Drogba will not be a first-team selection and will most likely come on as a substitute to give the team a spark and start ten games out of the season. Drogba made his return to be a mentor and to use his personality and experience to shepherd the younger players on the roster.

This move to Chelsea will most likely be used as a ceremonial signing so that Drogba will retire with the team. Drogba is a sure-fire hall of famer in the eyes of Chelsea and will go down as one of the better players to have played the forward position at Stamford Bridge. Even at 36, Drogba can score and his one year spell at Galatasaray is evidence of that fact. I personally dislike Chelsea but I enjoy the way Drogba plays and this signing is the right thing to do for the Ivory Coast forward.

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