Which League is the Best in the World?

By Johnnie Dowling
Alex Livesey-Getty Images
Alex Livesey-Getty Images

It is constantly argued and discussed, which league is the best? It is widely agreed that the top three leagues are: Bundesliga, Premier League and La Liga. To decide which league is the best, we must decide the criteria to base the decision on. So the four criteria are going to be: average attendace, global audience, strength of teams and league competitiveness.

First off: average attendance. This is a very important factor for two reasons — it shows how badly people want to see their teams play, but more importantly, it is a result of ticket pricing. Football is all about fans, something that the Bundesliga understands. The order is: 3. La Liga 26,703 per game, 2. Premier League 36,657 per game and 1. Bundesliga 43,502 per game.

There is no surprise that Bundesliga is top by 7,000 fans a game, because in the 2013 season, the lowest pricing for a season ticket in the Premier League was £467.95, when in the Bundesliga you could get one for as little as £207.22. The Bundesliga is the best at giving back to fans.

Next is the global audience each league receives. It will be a surprise to no one to find out, this is a factor that the Premier League is dominant in. In fact, if you added together the total number of television views for the Bundesliga and La Liga, it still would fall way short of the 4.7 billion views received by the Premier League in 2011.

The next factor to judge is the strength of the teams. To judge this, I am using the site ecaeurope.com, as its rankings are based on European Competitions, Champions League and Europa League, over the past five years. Although the Premier League has the most with five and the Bundesliga and La Liga both have four in the top 30, the best way to judge is the average position of the leagues in the top 30. Due to the fact La Liga has the clubs in first and second, they are top, with an average position of 4.5. Second is the Premier League with 10.2. Third is the Bundesliga with 11.25.

The last factor is an incredibly important one: league competitiveness. To judge this, I took an average of the difference between the number of points between first place and last place in each league over the last three years. The results are: 3. La Liga with a difference of 68 points, 2. Bundesliga 67.7 points and 1. Premier League 61.3 points. That is a very large difference of 6.4 points a season, highlighting how competitive the Premier League is.

So the winner? Well, I think it is best to be a fan of a Bundesliga team. Incredible atmosphere, packed out stadiums at every game and tickets cheap enough to actually be able to see your team play week in week out. But the best league? It has to be the Premier League. Sorry, Gareth Bale, but the Premier League’s anything-can-happen style, shown by its competitiveness, clearly is what makes it so popular, shown by the 4.7 billion viewers a year. So congratulations, Premier League.

Johnnie Dowling is a soccer writer for RantSports, follow him on twitter and add him to your Google+ network.

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