Real Madrid Not Taking Friendlies Seriously

By Aydin Reyhan
Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo friendlies
Getty Images

Real Madrid is a team that is expected to be winning every game they play. Without Cristiano Ronaldo, Toni Kroos and James Rodriguez, they are expected to be a bit poor. However, losing yo Inter Milan on penalties and 1-0 to AS Roma is borderline unacceptable.

Granted, both clubs are decent sides, but Real Madrid is clearly light years ahead when it comes to competitive matches. Gareth Bale was able to score the team’s only goal thus far in the International Champions Cup against Inter Milan.  The team has been lacking the same focus and drive in the final third while their defense has held somewhat firm. They are missing their dominance.

Ronaldo has been the best offensive force the club has to offer since 2009. Kroos and Rodriguez have just signed recently this summer after the World Cup. Perhaps when they are slowly implemented into the starting eleven along with Ronaldo, the team will automatically regain their confidence, dominance, power and overall ability to humiliate teams around Europe.

The good news for the club is that they will have Rodriguez and Kroos available for the UEFA Super Cup on August 12th. Ronaldo may not be back just in time for that one. Regardless, with the force they have at hand, winning that one should be no problem… if they click to near perfection.

Carlo Ancelotti has been a formidable force at the helm of the club since his first day on the job last season. Winning the Copa del Rey and the Champions League was just the beginning. This year, he is in contention to win six competitive trophies… if he plays his cards right.


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