Ron Vlaar Needs to Join a Champions League Team

By Aydin Reyhan
Ron Vlaar Netherlands Aston Villa Champions League
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Ron Vlaar, 30, was the best starting center back for the Netherlands during the 2014 World Cup. His strength, positioning, power, ability to read plays and success at clearing consistent danger proved this to be fact. His club, Aston Villa, will not be in European competition this season. Even though they want to keep him, he deserves to play for a club that is in Europe, preferably in the Champions League. Therefore, after his brilliant tournament, the club should consider selling him elsewhere as both parties will win.

Vlaar was part of the Aston Villa side who played regularly during the 2013-2014 season, in which the club finished 15th in the standings. He averaged a decent performance throughout the year, but his teammates could not keep pace with him as it was mainly their mistakes which cost them dearly.

The Dutchman deserves a chance at a club that will take part in the group stage of this year’s Champions League. The Premier League clubs are already set in this position, but perhaps La Liga teams from the Bundesliga could use his expertise. Those leagues have bricks defensively as well, but Vlaar is one of the calmest, smartest and most consistent players in this position.

One club that could use him is Atletico Madrid, but only if they end up losing Miranda to a transfer elsewhere. Vlaar could jump right into the starting 11 to help push the club to a second-straight Champions League final appearance. The team already lost left back Filipe Luis to Chelsea, so losing another starter in the back line would be too much to overcome unless they bring in someone like Vlaar.

Bayer Leverkusen of Germany had trouble keeping tougher opponents at bay during last season’s edition of the tournament. Vlaar could replace either Emir Spahic or Omer Toprak as a starting center back as those two failed to communicate on several occasions during last year’s campaign.  They were thwarted by a subpar Manchester United on two different occasions during the group stage. With Vlaar being able to add leadership and a newfound collective calmness, he would be a trustworthy choice.

Another German team that could use him is Schalke 04, a team that was destroyed by Real Madrid in the Round of 16. They would still be unable to overcome them but would not allow nearly as many goals in the process if Vlaar starts at the heart of the defense. He would also help push them harder in the Bundesliga against the better teams.

There are options for Vlaar out there. The only missing factors are the phone calls that have to be made to his agent for his services.

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