Why Arsenal Could Win The Premier League

By Joel Orme
Arsenal Could Win Premier League
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Arsenal comfortably beat Premier League champions Manchester City on Sunday in the Community Shield final. Could this be their year?

Just hear me out. Arsene Wenger doesn’t get animated about much, and in recent seasons we have seen him sitting back in his chair in press conferences and showing little emotion. However, things just seem different this year. Wenger is joking about with journalists, he is offering up much more information than he ever has, and he just seems generally excited about the season ahead.

If he has something to get excited about, then perhaps Arsenal fans should start getting excited as well.

We all know that when it comes to transfers, Wenger is the King of wheeling and dealing. He would rather not buy anyone than sign someone for even £1 million more than he wanted them for. However, in the past few years, this has changed. He bought Mesut Ozil last year, possibly their first marquee signings for some time, and the trend continues into this window.

So far, he has spent just over £110 million on Mathieu Debuchy, Callum Chambers, Alexis Sanchez and more. Sanchez is a quality signing and looked to be in top form at the Emirates Cup, creating some wonderful chances but also fighting back for the ball. That’s a rarity for some modern-day forwards.

Notice that I’m calling him a forward. Wenger has made it clear recently that Sanchez may be utilised up front, perhaps alongside Olivier Giroud, or perhaps replacing him. Either way, I think he is just as comfortable here as he would be playing just ahead of the midfield, or even on the wing.

There are of course many more reasons why Arsenal could win the league this year, but these two may just be enough. I am going to call out the cynics out there to provide reasons why Arsenal cannot win the league. I can’t think of that many. They have depth in their squad and young players working alongside seniors. They will surprise you this year. Mark my words.

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