FC Barcelona Looking To Replace Dani Alves With Kyle Walker

By Collin Ruby
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During this transfer period, FC Barcelona have gone through many changes, most noticeably on the defensive side of the field. Barcelona brought in Arsenal captain and center-back Thomas Vermaelen, along with goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen and many more signings. Vermaelen was a huge signing for Barcelona due to his defensive and offensive talent on the field. Vermaelen filled a defensive void next to Gerard Pique.

Now, Barcelona are looking long-term and will aim to replace the aging Dani Alves. The man that has caught Barcelona’s attention is Tottenham right-back, Kyle Walker. Now, Walker may not be at the top of the list, but Walker is being considered to replace the Brazilian right-back.

Alves is 31 and has a very high wage — so high that other clubs are not looking to match his financial demands. As well, his monster ego won’t allow for a pay cut, which will mean Alves will play out his contract and entertain offers as a free agent. Barcelona will look to offer Tottenham £13.5 million for Walker, but is that offer enough to draw Walker away from Tottenham? I’m not so sure.

Walker does not seem like a player who would fit well in Spain, and strikes me as a player who will stay in England until he retires. Behind Walker, Tottenham do not have many valuable replacements, which will cause Tottenham to be wary of lowball offers. It will take an offer upwards of £20-25 million to pique Tottenham’s interest.

If Walker were to come into Camp Nou, the defense would be tremendous with Pique, Vermaelen and Jordi Alba teaming with him. In the coming weeks, we will have to wait and see whether or not Barcelona can entertain a higher offer for Walker.

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