Alex Song's Time at Barcelona is Over

By Daviel James
Alex Song
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Now that Barcelona FC have made reinforcements in the transfer window, it seems many of the players who are surplus to requirements need to quickly move on. One of the players needing to quickly make a move is Alex Song. The midfielder joined the club from Arsenal in 2012. Within that time a new coach has come into the system, and he does not seem interested in the the style of play that Song has to offer. Barcelona are a team which relies heavily on their youth, and most of the time foreign players find it harder to adapt after not being brought up in the system.

Song was a revelation at Arsenal which is why he earned a move to Barcelona. In the heart of Arsenal midfield, Song was the one who sometimes held the play together allowing other footballers to roam and create chances for the team. Arsene Wenger perfected that style of football in him, and he executed it consistently. Barcelona don’t rely so much on this style of play, and with Song having to change and adapt it slowed down his development as a player.

There are many teams such as Liverpool and Manchester United that are said to be interested in taking Song back the Premier League. This would not be a farfetched idea, as Song already has a vast amount of experience in the league having performed so ably with Arsenal before his move to Barcelona.

There are also other teams outside the Premier League that would love to secure Song to a long-term deal, but what is the most important thing is that Song finds his way out of Barcelona if he is to revive his career. It seemed that is what Cesc Fabregas had to do, and it would be only wise that Song does the same and quickly.

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