Sturridge and Sterling Can Take Liverpool to New Heights

By Daviel James
Raheem Sterling
Getty Images

The game between Liverpool FC and Southampton FC show exactly who will be the driving force behind Liverpool this season. It is clear that Daniel Sturridge and Raheem Sterling are young players with an abundance of talent to take on the Premier League. After both disappointed in the World Cup, the dynamic duo will have the responsibility on their shoulders of taking Liverpool back to their former glory days.

The first goal scored showed the composure and class of Sterling. Liverpool’s manager Brendan Rogers knows that he has a future star on his hand and the media has even been spilling information that Real Madrid is interested. If this is so, they may be able to persuade him to leave even if his match time might get cut in half. Sturridge’s goal to edge out Southampton in the contest shows that he has made improvements as a striker and has developed a great footballing IQ, placing him in the right place at the right time to slot home the winning goal.

It is obvious that Sterling and Sturridge cannot carry this Liverpool team on their own, but the issue here is that they will be very influential as the season goes on. Both players complement each other perfectly and the fact that they also play together for the same international team can only be good for them both. Even though this was the first game of the season, and it might be too early to make any conclusions, it was good to see the link up play between both players on and off the ball.

Within the Liverpool team, players such as Jordon Henderson and Steven Gerrard have the talent and class to aid the progress of Sterling and Sturridge. Most of the Liverpool fans can see the unique partnership developing between these two and, given time, the Premier League will have a fearsome duo in tact.

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