Mario Balotelli Could Set the Premier League on Fire for Liverpool

By Josh Sippie
Justin K. Aller - Getty Images
Justin K. Aller – Getty Images

Liverpool left a massive hole in their lineup when they moved their poster child, Luis Suarez. His chomps will surely be missed and it was such a hole that it seemed they just wouldn’t be able to replace him.

But maybe, just maybe, signing a hotheaded enigma like Mario Balotelli could fill that void. Of course, he could also implode like antimatter and form a blackhole at the front, but let’s pretend like that’s not even an option right now.

Mario Balotelli was ready to leave AC Milan at the start of the summer. His target was the Premier League. At the start of the summer, his asking price was upwards of 45 million pounds. Manchester City had ditched him in the first place and Arsenal never made the move, even with Puma offering to eat up 30 million pounds of the asking price. Essentially, no one in the Premier League wanted him.

Keep in mind Balotelli is a world class talent. He’s 24 and he has every skill imaginable. The problem is his attitude, which was supposedly solved by his engagement to Fanny Neguesha (and if you’ve seen her, you’ll understand how she can fix someone’s attitude problem).

What this is all building up to is that, if Balotelli’s attitude problem is truly fixed, and if the big BPL snub he experienced all summer angered him to inspiration like it should have, then Liverpool could be in for a serious treat and at the reduced price of 26.5 million pounds. Balotelli has the skillset to take out his frustration on all the teams that snubbed him. It’s just a matter of honing that raw talent.

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