Arsenal Fans Need to Appreciate What They Have in Olivier Giroud

By Josh Sippie
David Rogers - Getty Images
David Rogers – Getty Images

Fans are a fickle people. A player can consistently spearhead an attack and give his all, game in and game out, but one bad performance early in the year, when no one is fully fit, and the entire town wants him tarred and feathered and cast out like he’s Frankenstein.

Here’s all you need to know about Olivier Giroud. He scored 16 goals in the Barclay’s Premier League last season. Okay, that’s just a number, so lets compare. That’s one less than England’s prodigal son, Wayne Rooney, and three of Rooney’s goals were penalties. Therefore, excluding penalties, Giroud had more goals than Rooney.

Sixteen was tied for seventh in the league with Edin Dzeko. Who did he beat out? Robin van Persie, Eden Hazard, Emmanuel Adebayor and Romelu Lukaku, just to name a few.

Still not impressed?

He also contributed eight assists. That was second most on the team and tied with Samir Nasri for ninth in the league.

Look at it this way, if goals and assists are both worth a point, that means that Giroud had 24 points. Where does that rank him? Sixth in the entire league. Let’s think about that for a second, Giroud scored the sixth most points in the entire league and he’s still being ridiculed with the cries still loud and clear that many Arsenal fans out there aren’t happy with him. Why?

Arsenal signed Alexis Sanchez to compliment Giroud. He provides all the pieces that Giroud doesn’t have. Giroud is a good striker, though he’s not a spectacular game changer, but he doesn’t have to be. Every now and then he’ll even pitch in to the dink-and-dunk pass game of Arsenal, as he proved last season.

So, to summarize, Giroud was top 10 in goals and assists last year and finished sixth in the entire Barclay’s Premier League in points. But one bad game completely negates all that.

I for one, hope Giroud is here to stay. He gives his all, and when he can’t produce, it frustrate him far more than the “all-knowing” spectators. Call his goals last year what you want, but Arsenal is not in need of another striker, and no matter what rumors come up, Arsene Wenger knows what’s best for his team.

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