Manchester City Have Strength In 3 Imposing Midfielders

By Daviel James
Yaya Toure
Getty Images

After Manchester City played against Newcastle United last Sunday, it was clear that Manuel Pellegrini had a formula that would ensure that City would defend the Premier League title. When the game started he had both Yaya Toure and Fernando in the midfield giving David Silva space to roam and make attacking plays. Samir Nasri also had some freedom knowing that Toure and Fernando were there to shore up the defense.

After City scored the first goal, things got a bit easier as they now controlled the play in the middle of the park. Even though it was Fernando’s first game in the Premier league, he looked like a complete natural alongside Toure. Coming to the end of the game, Pellegrini brought on Fernandinho. With this addition in the midfield, the three midfielders formed a triangle in front of the defense making it virtually impossible for anyone to penetrate.

While is it clear that Pellegrini would not start many games like this on the account that he needs another attacking creative midfielder, it is definitely one of the best midfields of any Premier League team. Manchester City have squad depth that is unparalleled by anyone else, and the options and variations that they can achieve might just be the reason why they would go on to win the title in May.

If these three midfielders can keep themselves fit, then there won’t be much we would have to worry about this season. Of course this is not a perfect side, but it is something clearly that Manchester City can build upon.

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