Mario Balotelli's Transfer To Liverpool Is A Recipe For Disaster

By Lou Flavius
Mario Balotelli to Liverpool Is A Recipe For Disaster
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One would think that after getting rid of Luis Suarez, Liverpool would be steering clear of the infamously ill-disciplined. Well, in this football world of ours, one is usually wrong.

The Reds have reportedly come to an agreement with Serie A outfit AC Milan for the transfer of  Italian forward Mario Balotelli. The deal, believed to be worth £16 million pounds, certainly seems like a bargain—and it is from a financial point of view, but for those of us who don’t really care about the fiscal side of the game, the move may seem a tad bit absurd.

Balotelli may just have the worst disciplinary record in all of sports—barring Suarez of course; he is arrogant, selfish and immature. The Italian was once described by Jose Mourinho as “unmanageable.” He never ceases to negatively amaze and was dubbed Super Mario by fans due to his ability to perpetually surprise the football world.

The strikes against Balotelli are countless. From being photographed with known Mafia figures, to fighting with manager Roberto Mancini, to breaking team curfews—you name it, Mario has probably done it. He has also thrown darts at a Manchester City youth player, driven to an Italian female prison to “have a look around,” but lacks the intelligence to put on a training bib. Yes, there is a video to prove it.

Despite his imperfections, Balotelli is a pretty good player. He could have been so much better though. He possesses all the potential in the world. One day—and that day may never come—he will probably decide to finally grow up and just play football.

He had two good seasons with the Rossoneri during which he scored 30 goals in 54 games. The striker also had a decent World Cup with Italy. Balotelli is good at what he does sometimes. He is known to be quite inconsistent but comes up with wonderful goals when he puts his mind to it.

This is a decision that Liverpool manager Brendan Rogers may live to regret. Ballotelli is incorrigible; he couldn’t be tamed by Mourinho, and that says a lot. He will probably be more of a liability to the team than anything else, his selfishness may affect the team’s chemistry and the efficiency of striker Daniel Sturridge.

The Premier League thought it had seen the last of Balotelli; after a drama-filled three years with Man. City, he was supposed to leave and never return. The Reds made a grave mistake, they have reopened Hell’s portals; Super Mario is free to torment all of England once again.

Balotelli may go on to prove me wrong. I seriously doubt it, but that’s just me. Why always me?

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