Chelsea FC Will Fare Well Without Fernando Torres

By Jackee Arce
Fernando Torres Chelsea FC AC Milan
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Fans of Spain’s National Team were excited to see Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas join Chelsea FC, because Chelsea already had other powerful Spanish players on the squad. This could have been a great way for the players to play together and work on the chemistry Spain was lacking during the 2014 World Cup. After Frank Lampard left to NYCFC, Costa came charging in to help fill the void. It was good news for Chelsea, but bad news for Fernando Torres.

Torres has not been the best goal scorer as of late, and he only scored five goals for the club last season. He may have been at the top of his prime with Liverpool FC, but dropped off once he joined Chelsea. This was also noted in the World Cup when he often used as a substitute and could not help the team win any matches. So, now with Costa on Chelsea, who already has top scorer Eden Hazard in midfield, what use could Torres be to the club? He may still be a strong player, but if the club already has their goal scoring taken care of, why would he want to spend his matches on the bench?

Jose Mourinho, Chelsea’s head coach, told the press that he was happy with his squad, and he had finished making moves. However, on Friday it was announced that Torres would be heading to AC Milan on a two-year loan. This news may be upsetting to some fans, but it really is the best choice for Chelsea and for Torres. Torres will get more minutes with Milan, and Chelsea will get extra money for the deal without fully releasing Torres.

Lampard and Torres will be gone for the season, but Costa and Fabregas along with the club’s other players more than make up for the absence. Chelsea may lack the same spirit without the two, but it still has the depth it had before. There is nothing to worry about.

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