Aquiring Vidal Won't Solve Anything For Manchester United

By Daviel James
Arturo Vidal
Getty Images

We have seen time and time again that Manchester United are not living up to the legendary club that it used to be. Three games into the Premier League and they still have not been able to earn a win. This is not necessarily because of their lack of class but because of the silly mistakes that they allow time and time again. A perfect example of that would be the trashing at the hands of MK Dons in the League Cup. Many people believe that United are in the market for at least one more big signing to regain their status in the Premier League, but Arturo Vidal is not their man.

The 27-year-old Juventus and Chile international is a very talented midfielder but that is no reason for United to buy him. It is clear that United needs a defense more than anything, especially if they are planing to play three in the back. The combination of defenders that Louis Van Gaal is using is simply not working. United just spent £60 million on a midfielder and in return they could not even break down the defense of Burnley.

They are better targets United should set their sights on even as the transfer window is drawing to a close. The players and the coaching staff at United have complete faith in Van Gaal but when he is missing the point of what is needed at United, it leaves a lot to be questioned.

It may seem that United are making panic buys seeing that their ship of success is sinking, but buying Vidal would only add to the chaos that is already taking place. The best bet is to invest heavily in the defense because if no additions are made, the League title would become a pipeline dream.

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