Moore than just a player: Can Bobby Moore tribute inspire West Ham to Victory?

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It is more than fitting that West Ham United has a home game to mark twenty years since Bobby Moore passed away. Yesterday, the actual anniversary of his death was marked by Sir Geoff Hurst and Martin Peters laying a […]

Real Madrid Look to Laudrup

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Michael Laudrup’s star shone brightly as a footballer, playing for the likes of Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid; now it is beginning to shine as a manager, too. Laudrup managed Spanish sides Getafe and Mallorca before taking over from Brendan […]

Bobby Moore: A True England Legend

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Sunday, February 24 marks twenty years since Bobby Moore passed away. Throughout that time his name has not dimmed within the world of football. On the contrary, it is shining brighter than ever. Moore played 544 times for West Ham United, […]

West Ham move one step closer to London Olympic Stadium

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“For West Ham it is the right thing. We will deliver the legacy everyone wants, attracting people to the Olympic Park,” said David Gold, the co-owner of West Ham United. But Gold is slightly wide of the mark, as not […]

Deluded Wenger and his Deluded Players believe they can win Champions League

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Like father like son is a familiar saying, but like manager like player may soon become popular.  As the Arsenal players trudged from the Emirates Stadium with boos ringing in their ears after the FA Cup defeat to Championship side […]

Portsmouth Charge Carlisle to Park at Fratton Park

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Portsmouth Football Club is hurtling down through the English leagues like the meteor did over Russia.  Portsmouth, a Premier League club, in 2010, and a FA Cup winner, in 2008, now play in the third tier of English football. The […]

David Beckham not so Saintly, after all

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Even in the crazy world of football, to pay someone £170,000 a-week, at the age of 37, is pushing the realms of incredulity to breaking point.  But David Beckham is not just a footballer – he is a brand, a […]

West Ham Players get a Holiday after Defeat by Aston Villa

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It is not the norm to be rewarded in business after failure, but, as we know, Premier League football is far from normal. The crimes and misdemeanors that premiership footballers have got away with are just too vast to mention here. Footballers […]

Jose Mourinho has One Eye on History As Real Madrid Looks For Title

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Jose Mourinho never stays anywhere for too long – his style of management will not allow it. His high-intensity way of managing means that he has only a certain amount of fuel to expend before it runs out, and he […]

Celtic and Juventus is the only show in town

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Forget the Bernabeu and the incessant talk of Real Madrid against Manchester United. Glasgow is where it’s happening, or as Neil Lennon put it: “Celtic and Juventus is the only show in town.” This is what a true cup-tie is all […]

Watford’s “Ludicrous” Loophole

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It is a rare occasion indeed when I sit up and take notice of a manager’s post-match clichéd ramblings. But after the Championship game between Watford and Crystal Palace, I began to take notice of what Ian Holloway had to […]

Hey, Big Spenders: Financial Regulations!

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Reforms have been agreed by the Premier League clubs that are designed to prevent another Roman Abramovich or Sheik Mansour taking over a club and buying instant success. Richard Scuadamore, the Premier League chief executive, said that the reforms have […]