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Jackee Arce

MLS Benefited From Thierry Henry

Thierry Henry was one of the best players to ever play in MLS. Players and fans are grateful for him. Read More

LA Galaxy vs Seattle Sounders Predictions

Seattle Sounders and LA Galaxy face off in hopes of becoming the western conference champions and earning a spot in the MLS Cup final. Read More

Platini Not Wrong to Give His Opinion

UEFA President Michel Platini shared his opinion on who should win the Ballon d'Or this year, and Real Madrid was not happy with it. Read More

Charlie Davies Becomes Revs' Key Player

Charlie Davies has done his job during the MLS Playoffs. He is the reason why the Revs deserve a spot in the final. Read More

New MLS Playoff Format Next Year

The new MLS Playoff format will benefit the Western Conference, which will now carry most of the league's top clubs. Read More

Roy Keane Dumb for Quitting On Aston Villa

Roy Keane has quit his job with Aston Villa to focus more on Ireland's national team. The choice reflects poorly on him. Read More

Steven Gerrard Benching Not a Big Deal

Steven Gerrard was benched for Liverpool's match against Stoke City, which left many fans unhappy. But was it really a big deal? Read More

Ramos Looks Ridiculous for Trashing Fabregas

Sergio Ramos criticized fellow Spanish teammates for not playing in the recent Euro qualifiers, and looked ridiculous doing so. Read More

West Championship May Be Yedlin's Last MLS Match

DeAndre Yedlin gained interest after a great World Cup run and was bought by Tottenham Hotspur. See why he may soon play his final MLS match. Read More

5 Bold Predictions For Burnley vs. Aston Villa

Burnley take on Aston Villa in Week 13 of the Premier League. Both clubs could use the win, but one of them is more likely to get it. Here are five bold predictions for the meeting. Read More