20 Best Places That Should Host The World Cup


Check out the top 20 American soccer players. Check out this NFL 1st round mock draft with analysis.

Can English Football Stadiums Stand A Change?

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  There are moves afoot to bring standing terraces back into English football. Ever since the Hillsborough disaster in 1989, football stadiums in England have been all seated. Initially seen as a safety measure, it rapidly became a way for football clubs […]

Who Are The Overachievers Of the Premier League?

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I’ve already covered the bad and the downright ugly from this seasons’ Premier League, but who are the ‘good’? A lot of what is perceived as a ‘good performance’ is down to expectations. Chelsea are in third place, but no-one […]

The Premier League Teams Who Must Try Harder

Tottenham vs Liverpool

    I’ve already looked at the teams who’ve been a disappointment in the Premier League so far, but who are the teams who fit in the ‘could do better’ category? Those teams with real potential who spark only sporadically? […]

Who Have Been The Premier League Disappointments?

Berba at the Cottage

We’re nearly a third of the way into the Premier League season. Now is a good time to look back at what’s happened so far, and perhaps offer a few insights into who’s done well and who’s already looking at […]

The Top 15 Soccer Players In Europe


Does the Last 16 Of The Champions League Leave Us Any The Wiser?

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So now, the final 16 of the Champions League has been decided. What does the make up of this exclusive club tell us about the health of various leagues and sides? One of the big stories, at least in England, […]

Sunderland Are Sinking Fast

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There’s no doubt about it – Sunderland are in trouble. In fairness, they perpetually seem on the verge of a calamity. It seems to make no different who their manager is and how much money they spend. The last time […]

Footballers Self-Respect Is Taking a Dive

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There is no doubt amongst football fans that diving is something we would love to see eliminated from the game. Even if someone from your own team gets away with ‘simulation’ to gain a match winning penalty, it is something […]

Arsenal Fans Should Be Careful About What They Wish For

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I was amused, when a few weeks ago following a poor 0-0 draw with Aston Villa, Arsenal fans started chanting “we want our Arsenal back”. Admittedly, Arsenal’s form has not been great recently – winning only two of their last […]

Top 10 American Soccer Players

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Rafa Benitez Is In A No-Win Situation

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Everyone with the exception of Rafael Benitez expects Chelsea to appoint a new manager in the summer of 2013. Interim manager Benitez was given an 18 month contract, but it’s believed that if Chelsea want to cut it short next […]