Pep Guardiola Should Stay Away From Chelsea

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It was inevitable that Chelsea would sack their manager Roberto Di Matteo during this season. Unless he won the Premier and Champions League, it was going to happen. Last year after he took Chelsea to their first ever Champions League […]

What’s The Point Of Football Awards?

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As the year draws to a close, many of the national and international footballing bodies like to hand out awards. Most football fans are a sensible bunch and don’t pay these awards any attention. After all, football is a competitive […]

The Lack Of Love For Cristiano Ronaldo Is Taxing Him

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Cristiano Ronaldo is really sad you guys. He isn’t sad because Real Madrid have already given up their league title won from last year. He’s not sad because having drawn a blank in front of goal he’s now miles behind […]

England finally wakes up to Zlatan

Great vs Good
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  Last night, Zlatan Ibrahimović gave England a footballing lesson. Sweden beat  England 4-2 in a friendly in Stockholm. Zlatan scored all 4 of Sweden’s goals, including a very special fourth goal. Those who have followed his career know what he […]

Are Spurs Fans Chants Kosher

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  As you may have noticed, there’s a bit of a race-based discussion taking place amongst the great and good of English football. We’ve had the double-ring circus that were the John Terry and Luis Suarez cases. We’ve also had a few juicy sideshows, […]

English Premier League Coaches: Who Will Win The Sack Race?

"Hands Up Who Is Getting Sacked?"
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As winter starts to come in, and the nights get older in England, a football fan’s thoughts turn to one thing: Which manager is going to get sacked first? In one way, it makes sense to sack a manager before […]

Help Save Real Oviedo

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To many football fans, even those in Spain, the name Real Oviedo is not the best known name around. However, since they were founded in 1926, this small club has frequently punched above it’s weight. In the 1930′s they were […]

Spurs Vs Wigan Was Not Child-Friendly

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Last Saturday, I took my young daughter to her first football match. As a lifelong Tottenham Hotspur fan, I debated with myself over whether I should actually inflict supporting Spurs on another generation of my family. As it happens, I […]

Ipswich Make The Right Decision In Landing McCarthy

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Mick McCarthy has just been announced as manager of Ipswich Town. In the great big footballing world, this is a fairly minor event. Ipswich were a First Division (thats what they used to call the Premier League kids!) mainstay throughout […]

Tottenham Progress But Are Yet To Impress

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Following their 2-1 away win against Southampton this weekend, Tottenham Hotspur have moved into 4th place in the Premier League without ever really impressing for 90 minutes. New manager Andre Villas-Boas had a slightly wobbly start to the season, and the club […]

Ajax Score A Victory For Proper Football

Good v Evil
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When you hear the name AFC Ajax, all the images it conjures up are from the past. The greats of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, but not much beyond that.  When you hear the name Manchester City, the first thought […]

Premier League Preview & Predictions

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  After Champions League catastrophes for 3 of the 4 Premier League sides this week, they will be desperate for the Premier League to restart. Pressure is starting to mount for Reading, QPR and Southampton and both Arsenal & Spurs will be […]