Racism in English Football: Time For Everyone To Calm Down

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After the verdict in the John Terry racism case, I’m sure a lot of football fans were hoping for the whole ‘racism in football‘ issue to calm down, even just for a little while. Sadly, following the Under-21 match between Serbia […]

Caught In A Trap, He Can’t Walk Out

Giovanni Trapattoni

Giovanni Trapattoni is one of the most celebrated managers in football history. One of only a handful of managers to win league titles in 4 European countries. He is also one of few managers to win all the UEFA club […]

John Terry, Luis Suarez And The End Of Common Sense

Inconsistencies Make John Terry Sad 
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The recent verdict in the FA‘s investigation into John Terry‘s racial abuse case has caused great consternation through the world of football. Admittedly, most of this consternation has been restricted to the blowhards of the tabloid press, and the put […]

There’s Only One Team In Madrid


Despite being league champions. Despite being bankrolled by a royal family, and despite having the greatest manager in the world at their disposal, Real Madrid are not the best team in Spain. In fact at the moment, they are not […]

Did You See The FIFA Rankings? Me Neither.

The Dark Lord-Sepp Blatter
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  If you happened to be reading a newspaper or website that needed to fill 2 inches of column space, you may have noticed that the latest FIFA rankings are out. It will surprise no-one that Spain are still ranked […]

Does Alex Ferguson Have A Problem With Injury Time Or Injured Pride?

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  On Saturday, Tottenham put a 23-year old jinx to bed in their sensational 3-2 victory against Manchester United at Old Trafford. In the second half, Spurs certainly rode their luck, but this was no excuse for United boss Sir […]

Premier League Prediction Time

Premier League Action
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    Following the minor diversions of the Capital One Cup (or League cup for the purists) and the John Terry travelling circus, we return to Premier League action this weekend. Once again, I give you all the opportunity to assess just how little I know […]

Grim Times For Irish Club Football

Shamrock Rovers 'Ultras'
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Ireland finished Euro 2012 with statistically the worst record of any team ever in the Euro finals. Another feat achieved by this squad was that it was the only one to feature no players from its domestic league. Not that […]

It Turns Out That Racism In English Football Is Not So Bad After All…

Paulo DiCanio says "hello" to the Lazio fans
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Every time there is a race-based incident in English football, we all hear about it. It’s in the papers and all over the Internet, including Rantsports. Though there are many things wrong with professional football and the English Premier League […]

The Russian Revolution Is Still A Work In Progress

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With the introduction of the Champions League in 1993, the balance of power and money in Europe has gradually isolated some former giants and spawned a number of nouveau-riche replacements.  Twenty years ago, sides like Celtic, Ajax, Galatasaray, and Benifca […]

Is The Europa League Worth Saving?

Atletico Madrid hoists the trophy - by Alex Dumitrescu / Flickr

  With European football’s major cash cow The Champions League being brought out for milking this week, you could be forgiven for forgetting that The Europa League also starts its group stage fun and games on Thursday. But really, why […]

Who Is First-Choice Goalkeeper At Spurs?

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  I’m not someone who supports a player when they think they have a “right to play.” I suppose, though, that if you’re the first choice goalkeeper and captain for France, then it’s reasonable to assume that the club who […]