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Donovan McNabb Planning a Return to NFL in 2012

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Donovan McNabb isn’t quite ready to retire just yet.

The 13-year-old veteran and six-time pro-bowler still thinks he can play quarterback competitively in the National Football League saying back in April, “I sort of have some unfinished business”.

He also stated that all 32 teams are on his list, but the question remains… do any of the 32 teams want his services?

We all remember the type of quarterback McNabb used to be for the Eagles, leading them to four NFC Conference Championships, but that McNabb seems to be long gone.
He is currently 35 years old… played only six games for the Vikings last year. After he lost his job to Christian Ponder McNabb was released and has since found no takers for his services.

In 2010 if you recall, he was benched twice in the Redskins 6-10 season, and later blamed the whole debacle on coach Mike Shanahan saying he was ‘misused’ in the system.

Now, McNabb is apparently working out and studying with quarterback coach George Whitfield in hopes of resurrecting his career… one he thinks is worthy of the Hall of Fame.

We could argue that later, but the question we’re asking you right now is:

McNabb says he has all 32 teams on his list, but you’ve got to wonder if he would be comfortable in a backup roll, and if he is or isn’t worth a potential distraction that create friction in the locker room.

So give your thoughts and vote.

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