LeSean McCoy, Philadelphia Eagles' RB Gets Paid

On Friday, the Philadelphia Eagles inked running-back LeSean McCoy to a five-year contract extension worth $45 million with nearly $21 million of it guaranteed money.

McCoy was drafted in 2009 by the Eagles and still had one year remaining on his rookie deal, which made this move was kind of surprising.

Not because of McCoy’s ability of course. He’s put up the number the last two seasons for Philadelphia to get paid like a featured back, setting franchise records in 2011 with 17 rushing touchdowns and finished with 20 total. The Eagle’s tend to take their time signing their backs to extensions; take Brian Westbrook for example.

On the other hand, Philadelphia is clearly think about their future and have been plenty busy this offseason signing guys to long-term deals.

DeSean Jackson was signed to a five-year contract, Trent Cole to a four-year extension, tackle Todd Herremans to a three-year extension, and the acquired DeMeco Ryans from the Houston Texans.

McCoy doesn’t turn 24 until July, so they’re hoping to get a full five years out of the Harrisburg, PA native.

In just the last ten months many of the top backs have been signed to huge contracts. McCoy’s ranks third behind Adrian Peterson (7 years/$100M) and Chris Johnson’s (6 years/55.3M), and just ahead of Arian Foster (5 years, 43.5 M).