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Philadelphia 76ers: 3 Keys to a Game 6 Victory

It’s do or die for the Philadelphia 76ers as they head into Game 6 against the Boston Celtics down 3-2 and look to force the series to return to Boston Saturday night for Game 7. Given the circumstances, it should be no surprise the Sixers ended up on the losing end in Game 5 considering the Celtics knew they couldn’t put themselves on the brink of elimination heading back to Philadelphia.

With the way this series has gone, there’s no reason why the Sixers can’t come through once again and force a Game 7 in Boston.

1. Doug Collins has played a key role in helping this team overcome numerous obstacles during the playoffs when all hope seemed lost and he’ll need to do whatever it takes to keep his players in line on Wednesday.

2. And of course, it would certainly help if Philadelphia could figure out a way to contain Rajon Rondo considering the point guard has already recorded 73 assists over the first five games of the series–which may be one of the most impressive stats in NBA history.

3. The Sixers need to be ready to play in the third quarter. In game four, Brandon Bass’ 18 points outscored the entire Philadelphia team. That simply can’t happen. From the opening tip to the final buzzer, the Sixers need to be focus and leave everything on the floor. This is their season.

If Collins keeps his young guns in check, Rondo is somehow contained, and Philadelphia doesn’t lay an egg in the 3rd–we could be heading to a decisive game 7 on Saturday.