Is Terrell Owens NFL Career Over?

Terrell Owens has been kicked to the curb by the IFL’s Allen Wranglers.

The Wranglers cut Owens and took away his ownership stake in the franchise because of the former NFL stars reluctance to participate in team obligations both on and off the field. That begs the question…

We know what he’s accomplished in his 15-year NFL career. They are Hall-of-Fame numbers for sure. Owens is 2nd all-time in receiving yards, 4th in touchdowns and 6th in catches.

Despite those HOF type numbers, no NFL teams were interested last season. Drew Rosenhaus organized a nationally televised workout to prove Owens recovered from knee surgery. No scouts even attended the workout, and nobody called for Owens services.

He caught 35 passes and 10 TD’s in 8 games for the Wranglers, but then he violates his contract and proves he’s still the same T.O.

Owner Jim Frankel says he can no longer be tolerated by the Wrangler organization…

I’m sorry but if the Allen Wranglers don’t feel like Owens is worth the trouble, what NFL team would?

T.O. is going on 39 years old, and honestly he’s not worth the distraction and the media frenzy he’ll carry around with him no matter how much a team needs a 3 or 4 WR.

He had a great NFL career; I feel like it’s a Hall-of-Fame career, no doubt. I also think it’s a career that should come to an end, and I’m guessing the 32 NFL teams agree.