Under the Radar: 5 Things You May Have Missed

1. Marcus Jordan, son of Michael Jordan, ‘accidentally’ sent a tweet instead of a direct message to porn star Rachel Roxxx. Heir Jordan then claimed his account was hacked! I don’t buy it.

2. Tim Tebow + Nike = The Devil. Charles Hubbard, owner of Love Sportswear set up a Christian website against Nike (which I won’t link to), claiming that Tim Tebow and even Sam Bradford worshiped satan because the two had endorsement with Nike.

3. You can find a lot of interesting things to buy on eBay, and now you can add 300 Belgian Fans on to that. Belgium didn’t qualify for the EURO 2012 Tournament so a group of avid Belgians are offering are offering their services to the highest bidder for charity. You win, you decide who the Belgians are rooting for and if that team loses… they’ll apparently grieve for 24 hours and get back on the open eBay market.

4. Imagine being a high-school pitcher one out from a perfect game… no wait, a double-perfect game: 20 men stepped up to the plate, 20 men struck-out.

You look in to get the sign, you’re about to accomplish something that may have never been done at any level in the game, or even in a video game. You take a deep breath and — time is called.

The Manager comes out to take the ball, and this unbelievable opportunity from you. Wait until you hear the reason why.

5. New York Jets center Nick Mangold‘s sister, Holley Mangold is headed to London for the 2012 Olympic Games to compete for a weightlifting medal. Apparently big brother doesn’t plan on going to London to offer his support. He would rather stay in the states with his ‘football family’ despite Rex Ryan’s steadfast support to see this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for his sister Holley. I think he’ll eventually reconsider since this news is no longer “Under the Radar”.