Justin Blackmon DUI, Troubling Sign For Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Justin Blackmon was charged with aggravated DUI this weekend after he was pulled over in Stillwater, Oklahoma and blew three times the legal limit. Blackmon pleaded not guilty on Monday, and it appears he is headed to court if he doesn’t change that plea.

Of course now, the main question everybody wants to know is whether or not Blackmon has what it takes to handle being a professional athlete in the NFL.

This weekend marks Blackmon’s second DUI incident since 2010–which is an absolute disgrace for a football player that is considered to be a role model by many fans. Blackmon is on the verge of earning millions just for playing a sport that he loves for a living and it’s painful to think he would put his life and the life of others at risk by making this poor of a decision.

With the type of money he’s going to be earning, Blackmon could have easily called a cab instead of getting behind the wheel to travel to whatever destination he had to go to at three in the morning. By making this poor decision, Blackmon has let down his fans, his teammates, and the organization before he can officially step foot on the football field for an actual game.

Blackmon has all of the potential in the world to emerge into one of the league’s top wide receivers and it’s a shame to see unnecessary off-the-field issues like this hurt his reputation.