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Erik Spoelstra Will Be Fired if Heat Lose Game 6 to Celtics

Erik Spoelstra is clearly not the right man for the Miami Heat Head Coach job and the sooner Pat Riley realizes this the better off they’ll be. Erik Spoelstra and the Miami Heat are facing elimination as the series shifts to the Boston Celtics home court.

If Spoelstra happens to lose Game 6 in Boston Thursday night then Pat Riley will ultimately be pressured to making a coaching change even if he doesn’t necessarily want to. That’s just my opinion of course but there are others who feel the same way, and honestly I feel it will be Riley who will have Spo’s head on a platter even though he’s partly to blame.

Spoelstra’s post-game comments regarding Chris Bosh, aka “The VeBOSHiraptor” and the All-Star forward’s playing time were completely absurd.

Spoelstra said he didn’t think it was fair to play Bosh in the final 3 minutes of Game 5. Bosh played well offensively in the first half and finished with nine points and seven rebounds in just 14 minutes.

Bosh said he still had plenty left in the tank after the game. Why he didn’t play more in the second half is beyond me, but they’ll need Bosh to contribute in Game 6 or the Heat could be heading home Thursday night… and it won’t be for a Game 7.