New York Giants Extend Tom Coughlin Through 2014

Tom Coughlin is going to be coaching the New York Giants up through the 2014 season. The Giants signed the Super Bowl winning coach to a new contract extension on Wednesday. Coughlin has led the Giants to two Super Bowl wins since 2007.

The contract is for three years and worth 20 million dollars. This makes Coughlin one of the highest paid coaches in the league, which is probably a smart move. If a guy can lead you to championships, you might as well pay him.

This is a great move by the Giants. Why would you leave any uncertainty hanging around Coughlin when you do not need to? This eliminates any possible speculation that he would not return to the Giants and he should be good to lead the team for the next couple of years. The Giants still have a good shot to win more Super Bowls so this move is looking out for the future.

Since Coughlin took over, the Giants have been near the top of the NFL. As often as it gets rumored that Coughlin will get fired, he just keeps plugging along. He doesn’t let all the media news get in the way of him coaching his team. This move should pay off big time for the Giants.

Tom Coughlin will be in charge of the New York Giants for the next three years and it should be a good era. He is going to have rough patches like all coaches but I think Coughlin is one of the best in the league. It is about time he gets paid like it.

Riley Schmitt
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