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Pacquiao Falls to Bradley: Was Decision Fixed?

Saturday marked one of the worst decisions in boxing history as Timothy Bradley defeated Manny Pacquiao in a controversial split decision. There was no way that Bradley was able to pull off this upset fair and square.

I think that the fight had to be fixed. Pacquiao landed more power punches, more jabs, and more overall punches. How the judges thought Bradley won the fight, I will never know. This makes a rematch between the two all the more likely in November. However, this is going to lead to controversy.

Bob Arum, the CEO of Top Rank Promotions, is the man who stands to benefit from this story the most. He has both fighters in his stable so he is going to make bank off the rematch. If there was anyone involved in the fight that had a reason to rig it, it would be that man.

The fight decision was so bad that an Irish betting site refunded money that was bet on Pacquiao. If a fight is so bad that a gambling site looks like the good guy, there is something wrong. I guess they saw what everyone else saw. A clear Pacquiao victory over Bradley that was marred by bad judging.

This also hurts boxing because a Floyd Mayweather – Pacquiao fight is going to become less likely. Pacquiao now has an extra loss on his record and Mayweather will certainly demand more money. He has no reason to fight him now and he has to be laughing in his jail cell.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.