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Andy Reid on the NFL Head Coaches Hot Seat in 2012

Andy Reid – Philadelphia Eagles

It may be crazy to see Andy Reid on the hot seat considering he’s the longest tenured head coach in the NFL and arguably the greatest head coach in Philadelphia Eagles history. However, Reid has failed to deliver what the City of Brotherly Love wants the most–a Super Bowl.

Most coaches with six division titles and five NFC Championship appearances would have won at least one Super Bowl by now, but Reid’s inability to discipline the Eagles when needed had fans calling for his firing last season. One of the most hyped up teams heading into 2011 after numerous key offseason acquisitions, Philadelphia failed to address their true needs at linebacker and offensive line–which resulted in a disappointing 8-8 finish to the regular season.

If last year’s “Dream Team” falls anything short of the Super Bowl–the 2012 season will be considered a failure for Reid and company. That’s why he’s on the NFL Head Coaches Hot Seat.