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Chan Gailey on NFL Head Coaches Hot Seat in 2012

Chan Gailey – Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills have recorded just 10 wins over the first two years of Chan Gailey’s career and if the first half of 2011 was any indication of what to expect heading into 2012–this team certainly has what it takes to compete with the New England Patriots and New York Jets in the AFC East.

Not only did the Bills re-sign Ryan Fitzpatrick and Steve Johnson during the offseason to lead the offense, but the team acquired one of this year’s biggest free agents in former No. 1 overall pick Mario Williams.

Another team with plenty of talent on both sides of the ball to make a strong push at the playoffs, but anything short of a winning season would be nothing but a major disappointment for Buffalo as an organization.

And if this happens, most of the blame will be placed on the head coach–which means the third time may not be the charm for Gailey. It’s safe to say he’s on the NFL Head Coaches Hot Seat list for 2012.