Under the Radar: Burping, Kicking, and Jaguaring - 06/15/12

Each week host Aaron Kirn brings you five stories you may have missed in Rant Sports Under the Radar.

1. 1st Annual World Burping Championship

Most civilized people consider burping to be rude, embarrassing, or just plain disgusting.

Well, if you’re not one of those people you might want to check out the World Burping Federation who’s main goal is to “dispel the stigma of an essential, and some would say necessary function.”

They feel as though one should be able to burp with enthusiasm and intensity — and be rewarded for it. Now apparently you can be.

The first annual World Burping Championship took place this week in where else, New York City.

Five competitive eaters put their manners on hold to compete in this ground breaking event for humanity, including the four-hundred pound heavy weight Eric “Badlands” Booker.

If you had your money on Badlands like myself you were certainly disappointed. He couldn’t belch for more than a few seconds… just a poor effort.

“Badlands” lacked the focus and mental fortitude needed for this event. However, one man did not. Tim “Eater X” Janus, weighing in at 165 pounds burped his way into the record books and took home the championship with an 18.1 second burp.

2. School Board Member Wants to Ban High School Football

Patty Sexton a school board member and teacher from Council Rock School District in Pennsylvania feels that high school football should be banned.

Sexton feels that it’s “no longer appropriate for public institutions to fund gladiators.” and shed added she’s “extremely scared her school will eventually be sued over injuries suffered in sports.”

I agree with Patty completely. If high school football is what the people want to see, they should just tune in and watch Friday Night Lights. Nope wait, you could get desensitized from all the gladiator-type violence so never-mind.

3. Charles Barkley Next Sixers GM?

Even more unlikely news out of Pennsylvania, Charles Barkley is apparently interested in becoming the Philadelphia 76ers next General Manager.

Charles responded “yes sir” to a text message from a Philadelphia reporter when asked if he would be interested in the position.

I’m not exactly sure you’re the right man for the job?? You know, in your defense I’m pretty sure that’s how must us other people not actually considered candidates of the job would respond to a text like that.

4. Peter’s Hat Trick

Peter’s no magician… he actually appears to be a golfer who had a few too many cocktails after back at the clubhouse after a round of golf.

I guess Peter decided it would be a good idea if his waitress kicked a hat off his head while he stood completely still. The hat gets kicked off his head and into the air. Peter doesn’t flinch and the hat hits the ceiling… At least that’s how it was supposed to go down.

5. Jaguaring the Next Tebowing? Nope…

So you’ve heard of the internet memes such as planking, tea-potting, owling, and Tebowing is also pretty popular too. Of course animals got in on the internet craze with cat breading. My favorite.

A video hit YouTube this week that introduced us to a new internet trend… unfortunately it’s probably not sweeping the nation anytime soon.

An intern project from a company in Jacksonville showed us all the three simple steps to Jaguaring.

Unfortunately the video was completely removed from the internet due to lots and lots of negative feedback from people in Jacksonville so I can’t link to it.

Honestly I’m not sure what the big deal was, but I guess it’s a tough enough being a Jaguar fan nowadays so it’s best to keep the embarrassments to a minimum.

Dan Parych does a great Jaguaring demonstration at the end of the video if you’re curious why this meme died.