Mark Sanchez Under Pressure in 2012

Now that Tim Tebow is officially on board, no player faces more pressure to succeed in 2012 than New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.

While Tebow’s numbers from the 2011 season were nothing to brag about, Sanchez has faced his fair-share of criticism throughout the first three years of his career as well. From a statistical standpoint, 2011 was the best season of Sanchez’s career, but it should be noted that the former first-round pick only threw for 300+ yards in three games and threw for less than 200 yards in seven games.

In other words–Sanchez is far from ranking near the top of the list when it comes to the most effective quarterbacks in the NFL and he enters 2012 with the pressure of possibly being replaced by Tebow if the season gets off to a rocky start. Sanchez has enough weapons on offense to succeed–so it’s time for him to prove he has what it takes to be this team’s franchise quarterback and eliminate any possible chance of Tebow taking over the starting role.