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Cardinals Kevin Kolb Under Pressure in 2012

The Arizona Cardinals acquired Kevin Kolb from the Philadelphia Eagles prior to the 2011 season with the intention that he would become the franchise quarterback the organization had been looking for since losing Kurt Warner.

Unfortunately, it looks like Kolb still has a lot to prove as a quarterback if that’s ever going to happen with the way the 2011 season went.

Not only did Kolb battle injuries and appear in just nine games for Arizona last year, but the former second-round pick only won two games and threw nine touchdowns as well.

With a player as talented as Larry Fitzgerald playing beside you, there’s absolutely no excuse for that to happen.

Giving Kolb $21 million in guaranteed money seemed like a questionable move considering he had only started seven games over the first four years of his career and if he continues to struggle once again in 2012–the Cardinals may end up regretting the decision to give their quarterback such a hefty contract.