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2012 NBA Mock Draft: With the 1st Pick the New Orleans Hornets Select?

The 2012 NBA Draft is right around the corner, so a 2012 NBA mock draft the thing to do. In an unsurprising move, my mock draft has the New Orleans Hornets selecting Anthony Davis of Kentucky with the first pick in the draft.

There is not one person on the planet who would not take Davis with the first pick in the draft. He has the chance to be extremely special, especially on the defensive end. He is a tremendous shot blocker and that should translate well into the professional circuit. He also has a great understanding of help and team defense, so he will not sell out his team for extra blocks.

He did not show an overwhelming amount of offense in college outside of dunks, but he does have a smooth looking jumper. If he can be consistent with a 15 foot jumper and make about 75 percent of his free throws, he is going to get enough offense.

People have compared Davis to Kevin Garnett, but I will not go that far. I think he has a lot of the same traits as KG, but his offense seems to be behind Garnett’s. A lot of work in the gym can change that and I hope Davis pushes himself like that.

Davis should be a multiple time All-Star and a key cog for a team trying to contend for a title. Never underestimate the impact that a defensive force can have on a team.

Stay tuned for more picks in our 2012 NBA mock draft.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.