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2012 NBA Mock Draft: With the 2nd Pick the Charlotte Bobcats Select?

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With the second pick in our 2012 NBA mock draft, I have the Charlotte Bobcats taking Thomas Robinson, the power forward from Kansas. The Bobcats have a lot of holes, but Robinson can help that team from day one.

The Bobcats were flat out awful last season. They will probably still be bad next year, but Robinson gives them a guy to score in the post and grab rebounds. Let’s just say their front court play last year was not that inspiring. You can pair Robinson with Byron Mullens and have something resembles an actual front court. Add in Kemba Walker and you have some young pieces to work with.

I am not sure that Robinson will ever be an All-Star but that does not mean he will not be a good player. If Robinson can average somewhere around 17 and 9, I think the Bobcats will take it. He’s going to play good post defense and be an option on offense. Both of these things are something the Bobcats need desperately in order to become a good team.

The Bobcats certainly wanted Anthony Davis, but they will have to settle for Robinson. If it was not for Davis, Robinson would be the first pick. That says a lot about him, but it also says a lot about the talent in the draft. Not a lot of future stars, but a lot of players that can help title teams.

Stay tuned for more picks in our upcoming 2012 NBA mock draft.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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