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Under the Radar: Eli Manning Worked Shift at Dunkin’ Donuts – 06/22/12

Each week Aaron Kirn brings you five stories you may have missed in Rant Sports Under The Radar. This weeks show features stories on:

1. Eli Manning’s New Gig

A lot of former NFL have pursued broadcasting as an option after their playing careers are over and done with, but one NFL quarterback appears to be looking to go in a different direction.

If you were drinkin’ dunkin’ near Metlife Stadium on Tuesday you might have had your morning coffee served up by none other than the two-time Super Bowl MVP himself… Eli Manning!

2. Kings fan trolls through newspaper ads

The 8th seeded Los Angeles Kings made a remarkable run through the NHL Playoffs in route to their first ever Stanley Cup Championship in franchise history.

On Monday morning one classy LA Kings fan put an ad in the classifieds of New Jersey and Vancouver, with each post reading:

Dear Vancouver/Devils fans, Better luck next year! Sincerely, L.A. Kings Fans

A response popped up in the LA Times on Thursday:

Dear “LA Kings Fan,” Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every 45 years.

Since when was a facebook status update or a simple tweet not good enough?

3. Woman Suing 13-Year Old Little League BB Player

Wait until you hear this one. 45-year-old Elizabeth Lloyd is suing a 13 year-old little leaguer who hit her in the face with a baseball while he was helping a pitcher warm up in a bullpen session.

Catcher Matthew Migliaccio was 11 years-old at the time and the suit claims that Matthew intentionally struck her and caused permanent injuries.

Lloyd suffered multiple fractures and is reportedly seeking $500,000 in damages to cover medical costs stemming from the incident.

4. Poker Player Tweets Pic of Roulette Wheel in Vegas

n Monday night a roulette wheel at the Rio in Las Vegas came up Red 19 not once, not twice… but seven consecutive times.

Poker Pro HurricaneJeff Romano tweeted a pic as he walked by and noted there were people at the table going crazy.

What are the odds?? Well, actually 1 in 114,000,000,000.

Let’s just say you put a 5 dollar chip down on red 19 and let it ride, you would have won over $321,000,000,000.

Unfortunately, this miracle story was debunked and Ramono took some flack because apparently a diagnostic test was being carried out and no one was actually playing.

5. Olympic Torch Bearer Proposes

The Olympic flame is currently making it’s 8,000 mile trek around the UK. Olympic torchbearer David State was in the middle of his relay when he made a brief pit stop on the streets of northern England.

It was for good reason. State got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend Christine Langham.

It was certainly a touching moment, but David isn’t the first to pull this off. In fact, it was 2010 in Vancouver Ryan Clarke ended his torch relay run on bended knee.